Nasal Aspirator Baby - Adult Remover Blackhead

Nasal Aspirator Baby - Adult Remover Blackhead

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Bullet Points:
1、Multi-functional design: children nasal aspirator and adult beauty equipment, blackhead and dead skin remover, 2-in-1 function.
2、This nasal aspirator helps parents or child care providers to quickly and easily remove the mucus from the baby's nose and relieve their discomfort. 3 silicone tips replacement: the gourd-shaped silicone tip is suitable for baby over 0 years old, the curved silicone tip is suitable for baby over 3 months, the funnel-shaped silicone tip is suitable for children over 2 years old. It can comfortably fit the baby's nose.
3、Blackhead remover beauty instrument: 2 kinds of PC tips replacement: the large round hole sucker for removing blackhead, acne, grease, etc. The microlite tip for removing dead skin and keratin. It is easy for adults to clean the skin, and it will have better effect when used with blackhead derived solution.
4、It features 3 levels of speed adjustment, high-end display and 1min automatic shutdown function.
5、It is waterproof, easy to disassemble and clean: only wash the detachable parts and silicone, the body can not be washed.

Product information:
Name: USB baby electric nasal aspirator adult blackhead remover beauty instrument rechargeable portable
Color: White
Size: about 3.5*3.5*17 cm/1.38*1.38*6.69in
Packing size: about 23*14.5*6cm/9.06*5.71*2.36in
Gross weight: about 500g
5 kinds of tips: 3 kinds of silicone (sucking nasal mucus), 2 kinds of PC tips (removing blackheads and exfoliating)
Working voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 2.2W
Adjustable level: 3 levels
Automatic shutdown: 1min
Charging method: USB (charge 2h)

1. Multi-functional design: children nasal aspirator and adult beauty equipment, blackhead and dead skin remover, 2-in-1 function.
2. This nasal aspirator helps parents or child care providers to quickly and easily remove the mucus from the baby's nose and relieve their discomfort. 3 silicone tips replacement: the gourd-shaped silicone tip is suitable for baby over 0 years old, the curved silicone tip is suitable for baby over 3 months, the funnel-shaped silicone tip is suitable for children over 2 years old. It can comfortably fit the baby's nose.
3. Blackhead remover beauty instrument: 2 kinds of PC tips replacement: the large round hole sucker for removing blackhead, acne, grease, etc. The microlite tip for removing dead skin and keratin. It is easy for adults to clean the skin, and it will have better effect when used with blackhead derived solution.
4. It features 3 levels of speed adjustment, high-end display and 1min automatic shutdown function.
5. It is waterproof, easy to disassemble and clean: only wash the detachable parts and silicone, the body can not be washed.
6. Comes with filter cotton and nasal discharge clips. When using it, you can put the filter cotton into the nasal aspirator, which can effectively prevent the nasal mucus from flowing backwards.

Packing list:
1* nasal aspirator
1* gourd-shaped silicone tip
1* funnel-shaped silicone tip
1* curved silicone tip
1* big round hole beauty sucker tip
1* microlite tip
1* usb
1* pack of filter cotton
1*nasal discharge clip

1* instruction manual